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Enjoying the Great Outdoors with Fido: Tips for Camping with a Dog  

Dogs and the great outdoors are a great pairing, but camping with you canine requires some preparation. Taking your dog camping can be a great bonding experience, but it’s important that you’re both ready to encounter fellow campers and avoid potential dangers. With these tips from Dogs of Britain, you’ll both be ready to enjoy the trip!

10 Most Toxic Foods for Dogs

As a dog owner, you protect your dog like any other member of your family. Dogs put their mouths everywhere and some will eat just about anything! It’s important to know which of your household foods is poisonous to dogs. Find out below! 1. Chocolate Chocolate contains theobromine which is an alkaloid found in the […]

Hypoallergenic Dog Food: What is it?

When you walk into your typical supermarket, very rarely do you come across a hypoallergenic dog food brand. Dog owners mostly source hypoallergenic food from their local pet store. But what exactly is it and how can it benefit your pet? What is Hypoallergenic Dog Food? Hypoallergenic dog food is a specially formulated diet for […]

Dog Dental Disease & Care

In the UK dental disease is the most common health issue observed in dogs. We’re going to show you ways to look after your dog’s teeth and the signs that indicate you should take your dog to a vet. Dental disease is painful with many owners unaware it can lead to further health issues such […]


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