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What are Natural Dog Treats?

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Natural Dog Treats are typically animal products, such as duck feet, pig ears, chicken necks, goat skins etc. They’re naturally air-dried with zero processing. The treats are free from additives, flavourings, colourings and preservatives. The only ingredient is the animal it derives from. Other natural dog treats include fruits and vegetables.

The Benefits of Natural Dog Treats

Some animal parts have more benefits to dogs than others. For instance, Duck feet, Goose feet, Beef Trachea and Turkey necks contain glucosamine and chondroitin which help aid a dog’s joint health. Large or giant breed puppies and senior dogs will find this most beneficial. Dogs that perhaps pack on the pounds rather quickly will benefit from dog treats such as Lamb marrows and Cow Horn marrows as these have a 0% fat content.

Natural treats are packed with vitamins and minerals. They’re air dried to retain their nutrients and flavour. Unlike processed dog treats which are cooked at high temperatures, thus burning the nutrients out of the treats. Processed dog treats are also filled with preservatives to make them last longer and flavourings are added to bring back the taste.

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What Other Benefits Do Natural Dog Treats Have?

By chewing natural dog treats your dog is improving their dental hygiene. The more they chew, the more plaque is removed from their teeth. Typically tartar and plaque is removed by up to 85%! Chewing releases endorphins, also known as ‘happy chemicals’, which is both self-soothing and relaxing to your dog. Whether it’s a toy or dog treat, chewing is a natural way to ease anxiety and stress.

Some natural dog treats are more long lasting than others. For instance, cow horns, buffalo horns, deer legs, lamb trotters etc, these will take a longer time to chew down. Long lasting dog treats are especially beneficial for larger dog breeds with strong jaws as they’re great boredom busters.

Natural Dog Treats & Raw Feeding

Natural dog treats can be fed alongside a raw diet. In the last few years, more dog owners are researching the ingredients contained in their dog’s food. Those typical brands stocked in the supermarket claim to be natural and grain free. But all you need to do is turn over the pack and you’ll see a list of ingredients that prove the product isn’t natural at all.

If you walk into a supermarket here in the United Kingdom, you won’t find natural dog treats stocked on the shelves. Instead, you’ll be greeted to a display of dog treats that are packed with preservatives, colourings, flavourings and all sorts of other nasties.

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