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10 Most Toxic Foods for Dogs

As a dog owner, you protect your dog like any other member of your family. Dogs put their mouths everywhere and some will eat just about anything! It’s important to know which of your household foods is poisonous to dogs. Find out below! 1. Chocolate Chocolate contains theobromine which is an alkaloid found in the…

Dog Dental Disease & Care

In the UK dental disease is the most common health issue observed in dogs. We’re going to show you ways to look after your dog’s teeth and the signs that indicate you should take your dog to a vet. Dental disease is painful with many owners unaware it can lead to further health issues such…

Brachycephalic Dogs: What you Should Know

A Brachycephalic dog has a shorter nose and flatter face compared to other breeds. In the UK flat-face dogs have seen a stark rise in puppy ownership. The Kennel Club has seen a 2,747% increase in French Bulldog puppy registrations since 2004! Yet many owners are simply unaware of the health problems associated with brachycephalic…

Heatstroke in Dogs: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Noticing the signs of heatstroke in your dog can be the difference between life and death. But many owners aren’t aware of the beginning signs. With temperatures rising during the Summer months, these are the signs you need to be aware of. Causes of Heatstroke in Dogs Dogs only have a few sweat glands in…

Top 10 Natural Remedies for Itchy Paws

Is your dog constantly chewing at his paws no matter what you try and do to stop it? If he is, there’s a good chance that he has allergies.  Every dog, no matter the breed, can be susceptible to allergies. As an owner, it’s upsetting to see your dog showing signs of discomfort. Canines with…

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