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10 Most Toxic Foods for Dogs

As a dog owner, you protect your dog like any other member of your family. Dogs put their mouths everywhere and some will eat just about anything! It’s important to know which of your household foods is poisonous to dogs. Find out below!

1. Chocolate

chocolate poisonous for dogs

Chocolate contains theobromine which is an alkaloid found in the cacao plant. Theobromine is toxic to dogs and could cause kidney failure. Dark chocolate has a higher concentration of theobromine whilst white chocolate has the lowest.

2. Garlic, Chives & Onions

onions bad for dogs
are chives bad for my dog

The above ingredients are fairly common in most households. But did you know garlic, chives and onions are bad for your dog? No matter their form (powdered, raw or cooked) these foods are harmful to your dog.

They could damage your dog’s red blood cells resulting in anaemia. Garlic, chives and onions may also cause irritation to the gastrointestinal system.

3. Raisins, Currants, Sultanas & Grapes

raisins toxic for dogs

Grapes, sultanas, currants and raisins are part of the Vitis Vinifera fruit family. These fruits can cause kidney and liver failure in dogs. Especially in dried form. It isn’t yet known which ingredient is responsible for the poisoning.

4. Corn on the Cob

corn on the cob bad for dogs

Sweetcorn is a great source of carbohydrates for dogs however it must be off the cob. Intact corn on the cob is damaging to your dog’s stomach and intestines. The pieces are larger making them more difficult to digest and could lead to blockages.

5. Alcohol

alcohol toxic for dogs

Some owners are tempted to give their dogs a little bit of alcohol during the festive season! But even in small amounts alcohol can be seriously damaging to your dog. They may experience diarrhoea, vomiting and in the worst-case scenario, damage to the central nervous system.

6. Macadamia Nuts

macadamia nuts toxic for dogs

Like grapes and raisins, the exact toxic ingredient in macadamia nuts isn’t known. If your dog ingests these nuts watch out for weakness, especially in their hind limbs. Other symptoms of illness include diarrhoea, vomiting, fever and lethargy.

7. Xylitol (Artificial Sweetner)

xylitol bad for dogs

Xylitol is typically found in sweets but is also seen in a variety of other products. If ingested this could cause blood sugar levels to plummet resulting in weakness, lethargy and vomiting. In a worst-case scenario, xylitol poisoning will cause liver failure and even death.

8. Avacado

are avocados bad for dogs

Avocados have quickly become a breakfast and brunch favourite in Britain! But this healthy human food isn’t so great for your dog. Whilst the Persin ingredient isn’t ideal for your dog, it rarely causes issues. The problem is the pip! Even a small part of the pip can cause a blockage if swallowed.

9. Cooked Bones

cooked bones bad for dogs

Raw bones are great for your dog and provide multiple benefits. Cooked bones however are highly dangerous. They can splinter in your dog’s throat and could cause constipation. The bone shards may also result in a perforated bowel.

10 Caffeine

caffeine toxic for dogs

Dogs are more sensitive to caffeine than humans. If ingested this could cause toxicosis. A few licks of your coffee won’t cause immense harm to your dog. But do be careful of other products around your home that contain caffeine. Symptoms include hyperactivity, panting, restlessness, and vomiting.

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