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Wagging Tails Family: A Dog Sanctuary & Safe Haven

Wagging Tails is a rescue centre that saves dogs and cats from untold trauma and euthanization since 1995! Their animals are adopted by people living in the UK and this is their story! Get in touch with them today and see what they do here!

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Pet owners who have ever adopted a dog know this: giving a second chance to a living creature is a truly
beautiful thing! Many people choose to adopt a dog through a shelter or rescue animal organisation.
This is why this interview is dedicated to the Wagging Tails Family and their amazing rescue stories from

rescue puppy uk
wagging tails

Imagine living in this world hungry and cold, with nowhere to warm up. But, then your life turns around and someone comes to pick you up. Suddenly, everything is new. Where are they taking you? You come to a place with lots of other dogs, lots of food and many warm cuddles.

Oh, it’s ok. This is the Wagging Tails Shelter every stray dog talks about…The story began 15 years ago in a little country with no animal law protection and neglected animals on every corner. This family decided to turn this around and provide chances for a new life with many happy wagging tails.

So, today we welcome you into their little family of wagging tails and wet noses! Wagging Tails Family (WG Family) was established in order to combat the neglect and abuse of animals, in order to help the stray dogs and cats who had no one else to care for them.

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rescue dog wagging tails uk

Their vision is a world where animals no longer face suffering. Their mission is to build awareness and rescue and rehabilitate homeless and abandoned animals in a no-kill environment until each is adopted into a caring, loving home; and to act as a sanctuary for those dogs who are never adopted.

The mission was based upon dedication to the no-kill mission and commitment to rescue, rehabilitate, and
rehome abandoned, abused, and surrendered stray animals. Their work with stray animals consists of spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens from being born into short lives of suffering, along with rescue, vaccination, medical treatment, sheltering, and adoption.

Their final goal is to improve the welfare of stray animals, resulting in better lives for both the animal and
human communities, to create a society without homeless animals, and to ultimately end animal cruelty. In 2020 alone, they have successfully adopted more than 90 dogs into their forever homes in the UK!

wagging tails rescue dog
Buck, now adopted and living in the UK!

Among their first dogs adopted in the UK is Buck. Buck is a black labrador, that was left in the middle of the winter near a frozen lake, with just his passport and a blanket. When we found him his condition was more than serious, he only had the force to look at us with tired eyes, as if he was giving up. But, we didn’t!

Buck is now having the time of his life in his beautiful home and is given a second chance to live a life free
from suffering and abandonment.


They also have momma Laika here, who was found left in a rural area with her newborn puppies. The puppies
were all underweight and neglected. Momma Laika and her babies were welcomed into Wagging Tails with open arms, and after lots of love, care, affection and regular treatments they gained weight and made a full recovery.

This family is actively working towards raising awareness for animals with disabilities as well, so here are few
stories that showcase the perks of adopting animals with disabilities.

rescue dog disability
dog with a disability uk

Lana was found in the winter of 2020, a day before New Year’s. “ Someone left Lana on the side of the road and when she tried running after them, a car hit her. She was screaming and laying down unable to move, but no one came to help her. The driver did not stop, nor did the ones who left her.”

We came immediately to the spot and when we saw those eyes of hope we could not understand how someone can be so cruel and heartless. Took her in our arms and we headed immediately towards the closest veterinary station. That’s where they told us that she won’t be able to walk ever again.

We did not want to leave her and promised to take care of her until she completely recovers and afterwards, we will find a nice loving home. 6 months later, she is running freely in her wheelchair. Lana is perky, cuddly, sassy, she loves to run and her favourite activity is to be outside in the sun.

In our eyes, Lana is a strong girl and we don’t pity her disability. ” Says one of the volunteers in the shelter. With Lana’s sweet nature, spunky attitude, and underbite smile, we hope Lana’s story will raise positive awareness for all disabled dogs.

Another member of the Wagging Tails Family!

We hope that Lana’s story and photos will continue to spread and more people will open their hearts to dogs with special needs. Animals with special needs are no different. “ Our bond got to be so strong, and we are better people because of the patience we learned with them.

There are a lot of learning opportunities there in caring for a special needs pet. Disabled dogs have a difficult time finding a forever home and are usually the first ones to be listed to euthanize at the shelter.

The idea of a “special needs pet” can encompass many different conditions, but cats and dogs who require additional care can still experience full, happy lives. All you need is a little patience and a lot of love. “ say one of the volunteers at the shelter.

wagging tails rescue puppies
Rescue puppies!

Denny is a cat that loves to explore the world around him. He can spend hours checking out rooms in the
apartment where he lives with his adopters. He loves playing with toys, other cats and friends. There is one
thing, though, that sets Denny apart from other kittens: He is blind, due to a neurological condition.

But that doesn’t stop him from finding joy daily and sharing it with everyone he meets. “Denny showed me that a blind cat has no idea they are blind. They are just cats”, His owner says. “They snuggle and cuddle together, and they fight with each other and they chase toys and balls and go crazy over catnip.

The perception that a blind cat just sits and does nothing is so wrong.” As it turns out, Denny is quite the athlete. He begins the day with some sprints up and down the hallway. Then he spends the rest of the day climbing the furniture and playing with toys. He squeezes in a run before dinner time and then plays a little more.

The Wagging Tails Team began adopting more cats as they realized that cats are likely to be euthanized if
injured or sick, and eventually, they created a sanctuary to provide a permanent home for more cats who were
seen as unadoptable. WG’s nonprofit sanctuary currently cares for more than 80 cats.

While running the rescue, the WG Team works to educate people about the importance of spaying and
neutering outdoor cats and maintaining veterinary care to prevent more cats from going blind. According to the
Health Centers, the most frequently diagnosed feline eye disorder, conjunctivitis, can be cured if treated

In addition to preventative work, the WG Team teaches people that blind cats—or those diagnosed with leukaemia or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus—can still have a good quality of life. Once they come here, they get forever! Everybody deserves forever somewhere, and once these cats have come to us, they have exhausted all other options.

wagging tails rescue dog

The WG Team says. “With some of the cats, it’s like, ‘You’ve used a lot of your nine lives to get to me.’ This was the case with Denny, and he finally seems to be enjoying his new life. Adopting an animal from abroad is a very rewarding and heartwarming experience.

The adopters should know that they have changed the world for homeless animals and provided them with a new life of love and companionship. And, we are forever grateful to our adopters and supporters, to our heroes! Our little family is constantly growing and we could not be happier.

Everyone is welcomed into the Wagging Tails Family, because for us, knowing that we have brought happiness into someone’s life means everything. We believe that we should all try to make this world a little bit better, in our unique way and having respect for all living beings is the best way to do that!

Gallery of Our Rehomed Dogs in the UK!

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Mia before her adoption
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Mia now in her forever home

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