The Xtreme Aggressive Chewer Dog Treat Box



If your dog is an aggressive chewer, destroying anything they can get their mouths on, then this is the natural dog treat box for you. It contains a huge variety of long lasting dog chews that’ll keep your dog busy for hours on end. Chewing also promotes dental hygiene.

  • x1 Large Moon Bone
  • x1 Beef Knee
  • x1 Cow Horn
  • x1 M/L Buffalo Horn
  • x1 Meat Filled Hoof
  • x1 Hairy Goat Leg
  • x1 Lamb Foot
  • x1 Hairy Cow Ear
  • x1 Camel Braid
  • x1 Deer Leg
  • 100g Venison Skin Chews

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