20+pcs The Woof Pack| Natural Dog Treat Box


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Our Woof Pack natural dog treat variety box provides the perfect selection of hypoallergenic dog treats! Great for dogs allergic to chicken! The Woof Pack is suited to dogs of all sizes including puppies over 12 weeks of age. Want more dog treats? Then double up your box!

All of our doggy treat range is 100% natural with no hidden nasties! Chewing is mentally stimulating for your dog and also improves their dental hygiene. Our half tracheas, sprats, and duck feet are also beneficial to your dog’s joint health. Always supervise feeding and keep a bowl of fresh drinking water nearby.

The  Woof Pack Natural Dog Treat Box contains:

  • x4 Duck Feet
  • x3 Rabbit Ears
  • x2 Pig Snouts
  • x2 Pheasant & Partridge Sticks
  • x2 Tripe Pieces
  • x2 Half Trachea
  • x1 Tough Beef Skin Chew
  • x1 Furry Lamb Ear
  • x1 Hairy Cow Ear Medium
  • x1 Meat Filled Hoof
  • A Handful of Lamb Muscle Meat pieces
  • A Sprinkle of Sprats

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