The All Ears Dog Treat Box



The Ear Doggy Treat Box features a variety of different ears your dog will love! Both hairless and furry ears are included. Furry dog treats act as a natural dewormer. The fur helps to remove parasites from your dog’s intestines as it travels through the body.

Inside the box, your dog will find:

  • x1 Pig ear
  • x1 Venison ear
  • x1 Lamb ear
  • x1 Large Cow ear
  • x1 Large Cow ear (hairless)
  • x3 Furry Rabbit ears
  • x2 Hairless Rabbit ears

At Dogs of Britain, all of our dog treats are 100% natural with no added nasties! So, you can be sure your dog is only receiving the best! Always supervise feeding and keep a bowl of water nearby.


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