Single, Double or Triple Natural Dog Treat Box



Our natural doggy treat box is available in sizes single, double or triple! So if you have two or three dogs and want them to have the exact same treats, you can double or triple up your box!

Each item contained in the dog treat box is 100% natural, and a healthier alternative to the typical dog treats you find on the supermarket shelves. There are no additives, preservatives, flavours or colourings in any of our natural dog treats!

A Single Box Contains:

  • x1 Pig Ear
  • x1 Lamb Ear
  • x2 Rabbit Ears
  • x1 Ox Tail
  • x1 Goat Braid
  • x1 Meat Filled Hoof
  • x1 Duck Wing
  • x1 Goat Roll
  • x2 Half Tracheas
  • x2 Duck Feet
  • x2 Chicken Feet
  • x2 Liver Pieces
  • x3 Chicken Necks

The Two and Three dogs treat box contains Double and Triple of the items above. Always keep a bowl of drinking water nearby. Supervise your dog when feeding natural dog treats.

A Triple Box will contain:

  • x3 Pig Ear
  • x3 Lamb Ear
  • x6 Rabbit Ears
  • x3 Ox Tails
  • x3 Goat Braid
  • x3 Meat Filled Hoof
  • x3 Duck Wing
  • x3 Goat Roll
  • x6 Half Tracheas
  • x6 Duck Feet
  • x6 Chicken Feet
  • x6 Liver Pieces
  • x9 Chicken Necks

If your dog is a more aggressive chewer then check out our Ultimate Long Lasting Treat Box!

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