Salmon & Avocado Bites 100g| Training Treats for Dogs


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Our 100 gram Salmon & Avocado bites are excellent treats to keep your dog focused during their training. They’re super tasty, healthy and packed with Omega 3&6! Made from 100% human grade Salmon, Avocado oil and Basil, your dog won’t be able to keep their paws off these training treats!

The Salmon & Avocado bites are fantastic treats for dogs with arthritis and reduces inflammation. They’re easily digestible, and also low in fat. The Salmon itself helps to reduce itchiness and is great for your dog’s skin, coat, heart and immune system. To retain as many nutrients as possible, these training treats for dogs are gently cold-pressed.

  • Packed with Omega 3&6
  • Cold-pressed Dog Treats
  • Reduces Itchiness & Inflammation
  • Suitable for Dogs with Arthritis
  • Made with Human Grade Salmon
  • Promotes your Dog’s All Round Health
  • Sourced from British Farms

85% Salmon fish, 6% Avocado Oil, 9% Sweet Potato, 2% Basil. Made in the UK and ingredients sourced from local farms.
Nutritional Analysis:
Protein: 86.5% Fat:5.3% Moisture: 2.7% Fibre: 10%. (Store in a cool dry place)



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