Ostrich Dental Sticks 6pck for Dogs


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In each pack you will find 6 Ostrich Dental Sticks. These help to remove plaque and tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth by up to 85%! Dental sticks help strengthen your dog’s teeth and keep their gums healthy too! Our Ostrich Dental Sticks for dogs contain 85% Ostrich meat, 10% Sweet Potato and 5% Organic Peppermint sourced from British farms.

85% Ostrich Meat, 10% organic sweet potato, 5% Organic Grown Peppermint
Nutritional Analysis:
Protein: 76%, Fat: 6% Moisture: 2% Ash: 6% Fibre: 10%

  • Sourced from British farms
  • No Hidden Nasties
  • Promotes Dental Hygiene


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