10+pcs Mini Long Lasting Dog Chew Box


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Our Mini long lasting natural treat box for dogs will keep your dog busy for hours! All of our natural treats within this box are sourced from British farms and have a range of health benefits!

Chewing is also a great form of mental stimulation and also promotes dental hygiene!  The half trachea pieces and lamb feet contain glucosamine and chondroitin which is great for your dog’s joint health!

Our natural dog treat boxes are suitable for breeds of all sizes and hypoallergenic dogs.

The Mini Long Lasting Natural Treat Box contains:

  • A handful of Lamb Muscle Meat pieces
  • x3 Half Trachea
  • x 2 Tough Beef Skin Chews
  • x1 Piece of Tripe
  • x1 Meat Filled Hoof
  • x1 Lamb Foot
  • x1 Goose Wing
  • x1 Beef Knee ‘Doggy Gobstopper’
  • x1 Beef Tail

If you’re after something bigger, then check out our Ultimate Long Lasting Natural Dog Treat Box!


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