14 pcs Mini Chompers Dog Treat Box!



The Mini Chompers Dog Treat box is perfect for puppies over the age of 6 months and small breeds! There are 14 delicious treats contained within all of which are 100% natural and sourced from British farms.

Each dog treat box contains 1 Pig Ear, x2 Chicken Feet, x2 Dried Liver Pieces, x2 100% Pheasant & Partridge Meat Sticks, x3 Chicken Necks and x4 Small Rabbit Ears!

All of the natural dog chews are great at removing plaque from your dog’s teeth! Chewing is also mentally stimulating! The dried liver is a vitamin-rich protein making it a superfood for dogs! The rabbit ears on the other hand are natural dewormers for dogs!

Always supervise your dog when they’re eating natural treats. Keep a bowl of fresh drinking water near.

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