Gourmet 100% Pure Meat Sticks| Natural Dog Treats| Made in the UK


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Our gourmet meat sticks are made from 100% meat and nothing else! No added flavours, colourings and ingredients! The meat choices available are Pheasant & Partridge, Duck, Venison and Salmon.

When we say 100% meat we mean 100% meat! And that doesn’t mean a chicken base with a flavouring that’s passed off as natural! Our sausages are a healthy and delicious treat suitable for dogs on a raw or hypoallergenic diet. Dogs of all sizes can enjoy these meat sticks including puppies over 12 weeks.

All of our gourmet dog sausages are sourced from British farms and provide a great source of protein. Fantastic for dogs allergic to chicken or grain! Always supervise feeding and keep a bowl of water nearby.

100% Pheasant & Partridge
100% Duck
100% Salmon
100% Venison

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Meat Choice

Duck, Venison, Salmon, Pheasant & Partridge


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