Australian Crocodile Training Bites for Dogs 100g


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Yes, you read that right! 100% natural Crocodile Training Treats for dogs! Our Crocodile Dog Treats are sourced from Australia and made from 100% Crocodile steak meats. Just like all our natural dog treats, they’re free from preservatives, colourings and flavours.

A hypoallergenic dog treat without any Gluten, Grain, Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Soya or sugars. An unusual but tasty dog treats, available in bags of 100 grams. Always keep a bowl of drinking water nearby. Available in packs of 100g.


100% Premium Crocodile Steak Meat Sourced from Australia and made in the UK

Nutritional Analysis:

Protein 82.1% Fat 4.2% Moisture 5% Ash 2.7% Fibre 2%

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